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Documents & materials for properties we manage. Some you will need to provide, some we can harvest from various sources and/or obtain for you, some costs may be involved, if cost is an issue we can work around some things, anything missing we can organise for you:
  • Title Search, for proof of ownership (rates notice/database search by us is usually sufficient)
  • Appointment to Act (POA Form 6)
  • Advertising Material (such as photos, any special things we should know about the property)
  • Insurance Certificate of Currencies and Policy Schedule documents
  • Rates Notices, if you want us to pay on your behalf. You can let council know to send direct to us
  • Water Bills, if you want us to pay on your behalf. You can let provider know to send direct to us
  • Electricity Bills, if applicable on some types of accommodation setup where the Owner pays for this utility
  • Body Corporate Levies, if you want us to pay on your behalf
  • Smoke Alarm Compliance Certificate, we will organise for you going forward, annually and start of new tenancy
  • Water Compliance Certificate, required if you want to charge the Tenant for their water consumption
  • Depreciation Schedule, you should ask your financial advisor if you would benefit from one
  • By Laws, if applicable, a copy must be given to Tenants
  • Keys: 1 full set for our office, 1 minimal set for contractors, 1 full set for each listed tenant on a lease
  • Gas Compliance Certificate, if applicable, some gas providers require this for a tenant to open a gas account
  • Asbestos Clearance Certificate, some properties require it, some tenants request to see it
  • Pool Safety Certificate, properties with pool(s) require it
A general rule of thumb, and common sense, if you can present your property in the best possible light to the rental market, and with no outstanding maintenance issues, you position yourself to achieve the best rental result – both in terms of weekly rental amount and quality of tenant. Small things like adding ceiling fans, security screens, fly mesh, go a long way to making your property more appealing.